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Independent publisher FIG is a membership of writers and artists who produce and promote each other’s best possible work.

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Sample short stories, essays, excerpts, and more by Fresh Ink Group’s indie authors.

Holler Song

By Stephen Geez

Holler Song Short Fiction By Stephen Geez   Retta danced the willy-nilly, grabbed at slick branches, then lost

Rave On

By Beem Weeks

Ten minutes till. The clock beside my mattress flings every spent second into my lap, nudging me so much closer to whatever is

Bodies Terrestrial

By Beem Weeks

Jimmy McNamara’s hand lingered atop that skinny shifter, eagerly awaiting the jump from second to third gear, and the growing


By Margaret Montrose (Aphrodite)

HORIZONS (Inspired by a vision from my little yacht-cockpit lying anchored in the river on an Autumn Evening) Oh Flight of

1013 Baker Street

By McKenzie Swenson

1013 Baker Street By McKenzie Swenson Look away, close your eyes, run back to the graveyard.             Don’t

A Dream

By Margaret Montrose (Aphrodite)

A Dream (From To Brave a New World) On their first meeting  - upon he saving her from having walked out of her Teaching career

Krab Kaper

By Stephen Geez

KRAB KAPER Short Fiction By Stephen Geez   Some lettuce just leaves a bad taste. I don’t know why, but this

The Sorceress of Mhur

By Anna Cates

The Sorceress of Mhur First Place, Fresh Ink Group Short Story Contest 2012 We are who we are. We know what we know.


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