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From assessing manuscripts through distributing royalty checks, FIG’s subsidy membership model delivers for the top tiers of progressive authors.


Independent Publishing: As an independent publisher founded by writers for writers in the early 1990s, Fresh Ink Group continues to adapt and innovate. We work with our members and clients to develop smart plans that fit their goals. Our staff, members, and partners excel in every aspect of the process, from content evaluation through tracking and royalty payment. We provide services a la carte, offer comprehensive packages, and sometimes even invite outstanding authors and artists to become Fresh Ink Group members.

Custom Publishing: If all you need is help self-publishing, we can work with your brand. If you need limited runs of print materials, our quality is the best. If you’re looking to compete in the ebook marketplace through one targeted seller or all the major etailers and platforms worldwide, we work tirelessly to keep up with the constantly evolving digital landscape. If you want your books available in hardcover and/or soft-cover print editions produced and distributed worldwide, we’ve worked hard for years to set up the most impressive network. Tell us what you want, and we’ll show you what we can do.

The Fresh Ink Group Model: If you want to become a member sharing the FIG brand, your material has to meet our exacting standards. We rather like that Bill of Rights 1st Amendment, so for us it’s not about what you’re saying, but rather the quality of your writing and presentation. Since you are sharing in the set-up costs—the lowest you’ll find anywhere—we pay an industry-rattling 75% royalty from every cent of revenue generated through all channels. We keep your books in print and available for the long-term, and we handle all the administration in perpetuity. You own everything, so you are free to move on to other opportunities. Still, we like to stick around, and we think you will, too.

Compare Carefully: We’ve been doing this for a long time, so of course by now we have competitors. Beware the common offers that look attractive but aren’t. We’re seeing “100% royalties” touted here and there, but see problems with these and other suspiciously good offers:

  • Some are charging substantially more than actual costs for set-up, then heaping on fees for key elements such as cataloging and distribution, then charging hefty annual fees to keep the book in print. Do your math, and think long-term.


  • Others are marking up the “expenses” for their own profit, then paying 100% of the meager leftovers. Make them run the actual numbers for an estimated page count that closely matches your book. We print, distribute, track, collect, and administer at approximately $4 per full-sized soft cover. Some houses are charging $8-10 in production costs for the same book, leaving about a dollar for the author. We like our members to pocket at least $4-6 per book. Our 75% is often five times more than their “100%.” We’ll show our numbers up front. Make them.


  • A few are still clinging to the old “vanity publishing” model, boasting big royalties but requiring their authors to purchase vast quantities of books, usually 1,000 or more. We’ll give you some free copies, and never ask you to buy anything else. Sure, you can order all you want for your own promotions at production-cost plus 25% (figure $5.13 plus actual shipping for that 200-page book). The worldwide production and distribution continues as long as you choose to stay in print, and those costs are covered by sales.

You have options: We do this better because we’re authors, too, and we do this for ourselves. You do have some good options out there, good people looking out for each other, smart methods offered by knowledgeable professionals. If you find them, we wish you the best—but please choose carefully, and if you want to compare, talk to us. Once you’ve looked around and discovered that most of what’s available doesn’t quite fit your goals, we’ll be here, doing what do, and having fun making it all happen.

Contact us. Get a quote. Develop your plan.

Fresh Ink Group, publishing smart.