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  • Publishing


    From assessing manuscripts through distributing royalty checks, FIG’s subsidy membership model delivers for the top tiers of progressive authors.

  • Strategic Literary Action

    Strategic Literary Action

    Whether publishing self-, subsidy, or traditionally, FIG’s member team offers consultation, referrals, and direct services from ghostwriting to audiobooks to websites and more.   Fresh Ink Group is just that, a group of members, writers, and creative souls looking out for each other. We’ve tried it all and learned a lot. Every writer’s goals are[…..]

  • Submissions Management

    Submissions Management

    For authors seeking agents and/or alternative publishing, FIG’s experienced staff helps develop strategies, then does all the work to create and manage submission materials.

  • Book Trailer Production

    Book Trailer Production

    FIG maximizes your exposure with a compelling video for posting on the FIG site, YouTube, author blogs, Amazon pages, and more.

  • Social Media Management

    Social Media Management

    FIG’s social-media navigators work with authors to maximize their online presence, develop author and content recognition, and forge outreach alliances.

  • Promotion & Marketing

    Promotion & Marketing

    FIG develops promotion plans unique to each author, then delivers both in-house and coordinated outreach to the reading and writing communities.

  • Cover Design

    Cover Design

    Whether enhancing your graphics, managing multiple resources, or designing and producing entirely in-house, FIG delivers the covers that attract readers and make authors

  • eBook Design

    eBook Design

    FIG’s design team produces files optimally formatted for a constantly changing landscape of devices, apps, and distributor demands.

  • Book Design

    Book Design

    FIG’s design team achieves maximum impact with elegantly simple designs optimized for production quality and reader accessibility.

  • Proofreading


    FIG’s editorial team learns each author’s unique style, then corrects the flaws most don’t recognize while preserving the book’s narrative voice.

  • Editing


    From basic line editing for correctness and consistency through extensive copy editing, FIG’s experienced team delivers each author’s best possible content.

  • Manuscript Consultation

    Manuscript Consultation

    FIG’s free evaluation may be augmented with detailed analysis and a comprehensive plan for achieving each author’s publishing goals.