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Volunteer Bama Dawg

Volunteer Bama Dawg

A TV Guy's Love Letter to the South.

By David Carroll Genre/Category: Memoir

Volunteer Bama Dawg: a TV Guy’s Love Letter to the South is a collection of David Carroll’s popular stories, as seen on television, and read in newspapers and online.  From family remembrances of growing up in a rural country store, to a long career in broadcasting, Carroll takes you on a journey with Southern characters you’ve known for years, and others you’ll wish you had. Combining humor, history, trivia, and heartfelt memories, Carroll serves up more than sixty essays about growing up Southern, and how it has influenced his career.  Drawing from his knowledge of news, music, and entertainment, Volunteer Bama Dawg is both educational and fun.  It also offers behind-the-scenes commentary on how news is covered and delivered, and on the music we all grew up with.   

Among the book’s highlights is a series of stories that recall “Southern-isms” or the Appalachian English that generations of Southerners still quote to this day.  Carroll brings the language to life, and will have you saying, “I knew people who said that!” Or, “Wait a minute, he’s been listening to me!”

Volunteer Bama Dawg celebrates the stories and the people of the South, as told by a master storyteller.