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Dance of the Lights

Dance of the Lights

A Novel of Grief and Family Love

By Stephen Geez Genre/Category: Fiction, Grief, Friendship, Ersatz Family, Legal Drama, Fantasy

Frank relishes fast success and early retirement, but struggling to preserve his life’s work thrusts him into a desperate battle to protect the people he cares about most. Beverly seeks a new beginning in Tarpon Springs-until those she trusts steal control of her destiny, forcing a fight for her very survival. All twelve-year-old Kevin wants is attention from the only man he respects, yet murder and the wrenching indifference of a callous legal system toward one vulnerable child proves even friendship might never be enough. Riven by tragedy, consumed by grief, all three must confront the wondrous possibility that our indelible bonds may somehow transcend even death, that a cherished soul truly can find the way back.


Book Buzz

* * * * * Five-Star Review


By T. Sanders on October 18, 2015:

I was immediately drawn to this book because of the alluring cover and intriguing title–the ambiguity of it appealed to my curious side. I wasn’t sure what to expect the story to be about, but I knew I was in for an interesting read. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching narratives I’ve ever experienced.

The author’s descriptions are unique and riveting, laced with raw emotion that catapults readers straight into the heads and hearts of each of the characters. We feel all of their emotions – sadness, angst, joy, and loss. Our hearts ache for the young Kevin Riner who learns about life the hard way, Beverly who finally opens herself up to love again, and Frank, who learns that life is better when shared with someone you love. Each of these characters, along with a host of others, have a unique story to tell; yet the author finds a way to entwine all of their experiences together in a remarkable way.

This story had a little bit of everything I search for in a tale: emotion, suspense, murder, and even a bit of court room drama – which I enjoyed. But mostly, it had an almost lyrical story that makes one really take stock of the fragility and value of life.

I whole-heartedly encourage anyone who’s ever lost a loved one to read this book. Whether it’s possible or even believable, or not, for these things to happen; it leaves you with a sense of peace and hope that perhaps they could. I will never forget this story.


* * * * * Five-Star Review
By Stocky155
People have been forwarding me stories from Stephen Geez’s site for years, so I finally decided to try one of his books. Dance of the Lights touched me like no other book has. What started as a small story with a few people I really cared about ultimately expanded to look at some of the biggest questions of how we deal with love and commitment and deep grief. Having recently lost someone close to me, this story made me think about how we can learn to move on without having to let go. The notion that a lost loved one might somehow actually have the chance to help us learn to deal with that loss let it seem like I was a part of the same story. No book has ever reduced me to tears like this, nor left me many times feeling so wonderful and alive. I once read a book on coping with grief, but in telling a story this had a lot more to say. A couple of old coots, a loving and innocent child, and those way cool dancing lights learn some very important lessons, which is why I’ve been ordering copies for many of the people I love.
* * * * * Five-Star Review by BMW
A young woman loses her life in a tragic accident. A pre-teen boy deals with lost innocence in a dark family situation. Paths cross and bonds are formed when mysterious lights restore and strengthen those left behind. There’s a lot going on in this fantastic Stephen Geez novel. The lights in question bring back a lost life. But is it really her? That’s the trail readers must follow to get to the truth. This book deals with child abuse, elderly abuse, and people figuring out their place in the world. We all belong somewhere, this tale seems to say. It’s up to us to find out where. It’s a well-written piece, fast paced, intent on pulling at the readers emotions. Those not familiar with Geez’s writings are missing out on a real treat. He’s consistent in his work and able to draw readers into his created worlds. While Dance of the Lights isn’t his best work, (that would be What Sara Saw), it’s certainly right up there as one of the better stories of the past few years. I recommend this novel and pretty much anything else Stephen Geez has written.

Promo Notes

Since Stephen Geez’s first novel, Dance of the Lights, saw limited distribution in 1995 and wide publication in 2003, the popularity of this heartfelt tale continues to grow. Fresh Ink Group is proud to issue this 3rd Edition, newly revised and edited by the author. Dance’s timeless story about many of the challenges faced by everyday good people resonates even more today. Whether glimpsed through the eyes of a child who needs to belong, pursued by adults discovering whom they hold most dear, or touched by the hearts of seniors embracing the wonder of waning precious days, an encounter with the dance leaves us all seeing ourselves in a new light.