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The High Road

The High Road

Memories of a Long Trip

By Mark Herndon Genre/Category: Memoir, Country Music, Autobiography, Rock Music, Expose

The High Road: Memories of a Long Trip

Music industry veteran and legendary drummer Mark Herndon is poised to introduce his autobiography entitled The High Road. The intimate collection of personal memoirs—spotlighting the highlights and lowlights of his life journey and music career—is an easy must-read! 

 Having spent more than two decades on the road, entertaining before millions, with a group that became a household name across the globe, Mark Herndon was dubbed “the rock drummer credited to bringing the band its signature sound.” Their music has catered to multi-genres including country, southern rock, adult contemporary, gospel, bluegrass and even disco.

A lifetime in the making, The High Road”offers recollections and insight into Mark’s childhood as a military brat, parental bonds, his romantic and marital relationships, travels around the world as an entertainer and aviator, and everything in between.


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“In those days, the band on stage was just the four of us. We had a high energy, kick-ass live show. Many times we would get an encore when opening for a major name artist. We knew we were doing something right.” 

 “I began to think that this tour was going to be my last chance to better myself financially. I felt like my personal contributions to the success of the band were significant; I felt my years of loyalty deserved some recognition with a better take-home from all this—our last hoorah…our last go-round.

…A meeting was held and my contract renegotiated.”

“From that milestone night onward, something changed. I was never to be officially included with the rest of the band as far as any dealings where the record company was concerned. Oddly enough, this decree did not come from the record company, but from the others in the band, for reasons that I will never understand.”

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