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Sex, Frankly

Sex, Frankly

What Couple, Singles, Teens, and Parents Want to Know

By Marshall Shearer MD Genre/Category: Self-help, Sex Education, Relationships, Marriage Advice, Couples Therapy, Communication, YA Information

By Marshall Shearer, MD and Marguerite Shearer, MD


Now is the time for a frank discussion about sex. From curious teens to mature singles, from serious couples to loving parents, we all come to realize there’s more to learn. Sex, Frankly is your private conversation with the experts, answers to the questions you’re ready to ask.

Drawing from seminars with college students, plus lifetime careers helping people achieve the happiness and fulfillment we all deserve, Dr. & Dr. Shearer offer their unflinching exploration of love and intimacy, body and mind and heart. Sex, Frankly covers the meanings of love, the how-to’s of sex in its myriad forms, puberty, menstruation, masturbation, compatibility, intimate relations, physical limitations, contraception, marriage, pregnancy, common problems, the sexual development of children, and more.

Sex, Frankly invites you to join the conversation. Yes, it’s time to talk, because when it comes to sex . . .

Frankly, you can never know too much.