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My Life and Spiritual Journey

My Life and Spiritual Journey

From Tragedy to Acceptance,How One Atheist Looked Beyond Doctrines To Integrate Our World's Religions

By Marshall Shearer MD Genre/Category: Memoir, Autobiography, Religion, Spiritual Journey, Atheism

The child of a military family, young Marshall Shearer dealt with personal tragedy by formulating poignant questions that led to contradictory and unsatisfactory religion-based explanations. He never stopped seeking answers, even as he has enjoyed a wonderful life: medical school, loving marriage, beautiful family, and a distinguished career dedicated to helping people learn to live happily, to embrace others, and to cherish life.

Through it all, he persisted as a student of the world’s religions, asking new and ever-more sophisticated questions and finding answers we can all accept, from atheists to the most devout. Having developed his own unique perspective for understanding our place in the world, he continues to share his vision through books ranging from how to grow successful relationships to advocating bold new ways to achieve harmony among all religions.

In My Life and Spiritual Journey, Dr. Shearer tells us his own story, the intimate perspective of one determined man who refuses to compromise in his quest to discover the acceptance we all seek and deserve.