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Maximizing Happiness Through Intimate Communication

Maximizing Happiness Through Intimate Communication

Self-Help Relationship Advice, Marriage Solutions, Couples Therapy, Great Sex, & More! 3rd Edition

By Marshall Shearer MD Genre/Category: Relationships, Self-Help, Communication, Couples Therapy, Psychology, Counseling

By Marshall L. Shearer, MD & Marguerite R. Shearer, MD


True love is nurtured in the conviction that you both value your partner’s happiness as much as your own, but achieving such confidence in any relationship is a challenge, even for the most committed. No matter what lifestyle you pursue together, it’s through honest communication that you will learn to protect yourselves and each other, to shed the encumbrances of clutter and noise as you propel your own unique Spiral of Love to exhilarating new heights.

From finding your soulmate through growing old together, Maximizing Happiness Through Intimate Communication lays out a complete system with everyday examples, simply explaining relationship dynamics like persistent problems, the transformation of hurts, concepts of time, components of anger, addictions, turning work into play, protecting vulnerability, reinforcing trust, sexual communication, and the neverending stages of love’s spiral.

Don’t be discouraged by media-packaged gimmicks and the one-size-fits-all advice from self-help gurus. Become the experts of your own relationship, and discover the best of growing yourselves that ultimate, most meaningful love.


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* * * * * Five-Star Review
By An Avid Reader
This book really goes in-depth on how to have a mutually happy relationship with anyone. The insight it provides on not only learning how to communicate, but how to receive that communication from other, was extremely helpful to me in my daily life. I highly recommend it!


* * * * * Five-Star Review

I wasn’t looking for a relationship book when I stumbled upon this. My fiancee and I don’t have any major conflicts to work on, but I read it anyway and wound up learning way more than I expected. More than ways to solve problems, I saw it as understanding how to make relationships succeed and how to keep making them better. The authors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, using lots of examples and breaking things down so just about everyone can apply the ideas to themselves. The Spiral of Love and Transforming Hurts especially got me to notice what is already going on in my relationship before we’ve even gotten married. I was surprised by how many things we don’t control that can throw stresses into a relationship, so I’m glad this book has given me new confidence. Now my fiancee is reading it. We are discussing every chapter and getting excited about achieving a long-time love like the Shearers. If you’re looking to solve problems, you need this book, but if you want a great relationship to get even better, this book will teach you how.