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Fantasy Patch

Fantasy Patch

A Media Thriller

By Stephen Geez Genre/Category: Thriller, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Designer Drugs, Soldier of Fortune, Creative Process

Picture This!

Danté Roenik creates ad campaigns, reveling in the fine art of rendering his concepts on million-dollar canvasses financed by big-budget clients. Intoxicated by the sheer power of directing public opinion, he dares wage war against the conglomerate behind a worldwide anti-depressant increasingly associated with sporadic violence. To juxtapose his images with reality, he enlists a mixed palette of business tycoons, his fiancée/attorney, a team of corporate-spy soldiers of fortune, one resurgent news anchor, and the best TV-production crew in Chicago.

But the sharp lines dividing perception from truth begin to blur when the darker motives shaping mass media come to light. Forced to re-examine the ethics of designer pharmacology, Danté is painted into a corner, his future about to be erased as patients die, clients lie, and unhealthy doses of murder prove too hard to swallow.

Too late to whitewash the stain of deceit, Danté must decide who deserves to appear in his picture, the true subject an unfinished self-portrait way past its own deadline.

It’s not what you see, not what you get . . .
But all you could ever imagine.
Let Danté show you how . . .

With a Fantasy Patch!


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A New Edition

Since Stephen Geez’s seventh novel, Fantasy Patch, saw limited distribution in 2000 and wide distribution in 2006, the popularity of this media thriller continues to grow. Fresh Ink Group is proud to issue this 3rd edition, newly revised and edited by the author. Patch’s inside look at a skilled opinion-shaper’s power-play to re-design the worldwide pharmaceutical industry casts a harsh light on the blurred lines between news and naked commerce. This prescient vision of how too many drug-makers manipulate every aspect from politics to research trials to misdirected consumer demand informs and warns us all, even as new fields blow wide open in the mega-business of designer pharmacology.

Promo Notes

Includes the soldier-of-fortuner character Flynn Durbett from Stephen Geez’s Invigilator!