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How to Be A Smart SOB Like Me

How to Be A Smart SOB Like Me


Work, money, food, relationships, life in general—these are the everyday struggles for billions crowded into our challenging world. Larry Landgraf tells us his story and the many lessons he’s learned for finding extraordinary happiness. How to Be a Smart SOB Like Me is a stark but heartfelt examination of a life well-lived. You might like him, and you might not, but you can’t help but learn ways you, too, can achieve your best.


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A lifelong native of the Guadalupe River Delta on the Texas Gulf Coast, Larry Landgraf worked first as a commercial fisherman, then as a general contractor before severe injury led to his career as an author. He wrote one book before Smart SOB, then followed those with his epic Four Seasons series. The father of three grown children, Larry brought his beloved city-gal Ellen to the Delta in 2009. Now he teaches her the ways of his swamp, and she teaches him more than he ever imagined.