More About FIG!

More About FIG


Established in 1993 as a collection of writers, artists, experts, and myriad creative makers, Fresh Ink Group began promoting the work of its members through a network of author and image-maker websites in 2002. Determined to lower prices and maximize accessibility, the group expanded into diverse trade paper, hardcover, ebook, and web publishing with its first releases under the Fresh Ink Group brand in early 2011. A full slate of upcoming titles includes a mix of affordably priced reissues and a brash rollout of all-new material from novels to non-fiction to collections and more.

Figgy Smiler Title 2015 Outlined 381 X 337The story of Fresh Ink Group’s writers ranges from newly discovered up-and-comers strutting their narrative finesse with first books, to seasoned wordsmiths still adding new pages for their fiercely loyal fans. The group’s artists and artisans cover the spectrum from fine arts to commercial advertising, now showcasing their talents with bold new strokes in digital-age publishing. The résumés of our learned experts speak impressively of distinguished careers from academia to professional practice. Ink’s demanding readers continue to prove discerning and savvy, many opting to subscribe to our private, no-spam email list for complimentary image-adorned stories, essays, and updates from the hearts and minds of our creative team.

fig Frame Box 812 X 3542016 is seeing the launch of Fresh Ink Group 2.0. Replacing our websites and adding new ones, we are now accepting associates–anybody who wants to display original short material, published elsewhere or nowhere at all. Associates may simply want to find an audience, or include in a savvy marketing plan to promote books published under any brand.

Explore the websites. Enjoy the free stories, and share them with others. Create a free Associate Account to post your stories, poems, essays, non-fiction, and more. Promote your books. Talk to us about your projects; then discover innovative new ways to publish and market your own best work. We do listen, so tell us what you think.

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