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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

FIG’s social-media navigators work with authors to maximize their online presence, develop author and content recognition, and forge outreach alliances.


Led by our social-media director, FIG staff are available to provide technical assistance from account set-up, graphics support, and more . . .  through full weekly management of posts.

Most authors enjoy interacting with fans and potential readers, but whether you just need a little help or want to hand off most of the work, you need a strategy. This starts with what to say, what to show, and it continues through finding the people who will look and even talk back. Whether you publish with a traditional house, through an indie such as Fresh Ink Group, or pull it all together yourself; social media is your most effective set of marketing tools.

Ignore social media, and you’ll be ignored.

Talk to Fresh Ink Group, then step into the light. We’ll show you how to keep your book center stage.