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By Traci Sanders Genre/Category: New Adult Contemporary Romance, Parnormal Romance, Magical Realism

A gripping story of love found, lost, and rediscovered in a magical way.


Jewel has met the man of her dreams … the one person with whom she’s meant to spend eternity. Harley is charming, charismatic, and although he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, he’s the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes upon—especially in his U.S. Air Force uniform.

Just days after the couple returns from their honeymoon, Harley is called to active duty in the Middle East. Jewel is heartbroken but determined to adapt to her new life as a military spouse and support her husband. Her plan is short-lived when Harley is killed in action just days after his deployment.

Unable to cope, Jewel withdraws from her family, friends, and the world around her, until Harley visits her with a message from the beyond.

Will Jewel surrender to the dark side to be with her true love, or will she discover that sometimes people are put in our paths for reasons beyond our understanding?


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“Five stars have never made me feel like this. Where are my Kleenex?”

–Allaina Daniels


* * * * * By Elizabeth Horton-Newton on December 5, 2015

It’s not often I stay up all night reading a book but Unsevered by Traci Sanders was so engaging I literally could not stop reading. I started it around midnight thinking I would read a chapter. Just before five a.m. I set down my Kindle and said “wow”.

This is not just another romance, this is a LOVE story. Tracing the relationship between Harley and Jewel in the first person through flashbacks, the story is sexy, sad, insightful, and unexpected. This is a technique that is not easy to use but Sanders makes it work brilliantly.

Watching Jewel’s character as she grows and matures, surviving a heart breaking experience and blooming into a successful and happy woman is wonderful. Fulfilling the “destiny” that Harley knows she will celebrate, we get to explore the inner workings of her mind.

The characters are realistic and every one of them is well developed. There’s no waste of words in this book but it is written so beautifully it is almost like poetry. With sexy love scenes that capture the unbridled passions of new marriage, it is detailed but tasteful. Sanders carries you through Harley’s and Jewel’s courtship and marriage capturing their adoration for one another.

By the time Harley leaves for his assignment I was completely invested in their relationship. I knew from the blurb that things were not going to be all sugar and spice for these two. I did not expect to be so embroiled in their lives that I would be reduced to tears. The ensuing grief that Jewel experiences is intense. I suspected I knew what Harley’s “gift” to her would be and, in spite of a terrifying moment, I was relieved to learn I was right.

This book is an easy read; it flows fluidly. While it is a “paranormal” romance it is completely believable. Having read Sanders first book I must say her writing has developed into best seller quality. I look forward to reading more from this up and coming author and highly recommend her books.