Warning! No One Is Scared of Hell Until They Get There

The Fresh Ink Group (FIG) continues expanding into exciting new categories with its first release under religion/theology/spirituality. FIG member Lannie Richmond launches his new series exploring contemporary Christian issues with Warning! No One Is Scared of He Until They Get There. Former minister Richmond uses both real-life experience and sacred texts to confront the eternal truths of life and death, body versus soul, and what we want out of our brief time on Earth. For people of faith or no faith at all, Warning! offers a uniquely unflinching look at the stark choices everybody must eventually make. Warning! No One Is Scared of Hell Until They Get There is available at The Fresh Ink Group Bookstore, Amazon.com, and Barnes&Noble.com

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The Gates of Valhalla

Fresh Ink Group is pleased to announce the recent release of The Gates of Valhalla, the side-splitting satirical political novel by our new member in Tokyo, Japan: Jasper Grawl. Valhalla is available at The Fresh Ink Group Bookstore, at Amazon.com, and at Barnes&Noble.com. The e-book edition is available at Amazon.com.

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2014 Short Story Contests Announced

The Fresh Ink Group is proud to announce our latest group of Short Story Contests! With eleven different categories to choose from, we hope to provide a way for writers of all genres to showcase their work. As always, there are no entry fees and no purchase necessary. Writers may submit up to two stories in each genre.

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